“Let the mowing begin
We care for your lawn
We pamper your lawn
Your personalized lawn care
The grass is always green “
It’s high-time! Summers are here with more and more designer collections and distinctive lawn
styles stepping into the market. Your lawn selection reflects who you are and the Gloria.pk is a
cutting-edge online store featuring latest lawn sizes for everybody to wear including, classic
lawns, digital printed lawns and embroidered lawns. Our collection is a blend of tones that gives
you relaxed feelings even with a single touch. In addition to that, the combination of bloomy
prints on the soft fabric with spring designs, will give you such feminine look to mesmerize
every eye.
We know, the era needs to be trendy and hence, keeping this consumer preference in mind, we
have tried to focus on such designs that can cover those trends and can win the hearts of ladies at
every occasion, whether formal or casual.
The digital print had been the hottest stylish fashion trend for the last year, plus the most favorite
ones too. So, to make this tunic trend still alive, unstitched 3 pcs digital prints are introduced this
year as well.
High-end lawn fabric Composition:
The fabric is made from the cotton yards rather than the previously made fabric which is made of
linen threads at Gloria.pk. Furthermore, the thin and fine carded yarn thread adds more smooth
usage & un-textured fabric quality even after several washes.
We know, you all love to wear lightweight dresses in summer and hence, we have got the right
set of varieties, perfectly suited for your spring and summer with a wide range of colors and
Why choosing an excellent lawn suit is necessary?
Summer is the season of scorching heat and hence, one has to face the sweltering weather all the
time. So, a lightweight dress is a must. As, you also want to look trendy, therefore, choosing a
lightweight dress only, is not enough. You must wear such a dress that can not only make you
comfortable but also can give out an elegant and fabulous personality of yours. For that reason,
wearing long Kurtis, shalwar kameez and tops would be highly recommended from our top
designers. Whatever you design, you will look trendy and gorgeous. Furthermore, the summer
parties are a little bit difficult thing to deal with. Keeping this in mind, we have immaculate
designs that can fulfill your casual and party wear needs, simultaneously.
About Golria.pk:
Glorioa.pk is an online shopping website which is rapidly growing within Pakistan. We are
designers known for amalgamation of pristine 3pcs lawn collection, lawn Kurtis collection and
the stitched collection for you to buy from our stop shop under our belt for your feminine body
needs at most affordable price tags. Besides to adding excellence, we can proudly say that the
texture will fit the choice of every person. The collection of eye-captivating dress series shows
clearly our out of the box creativity and each dress is unique.
Order now with our easy to order portal for any of your favorite dress suits, from the comfort of
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